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Center of Attraction

By Laura Eckstein Jones and Meg McGuire

Main image by Bradley Meinz


For these Angelenos, looking and feeling good is a top priority. Here’s a peek at the beauty and fitness essentials that keep them in tiptop shape—both mentally and physically.

Dr. Jonathan Leary
Passion and profession collide for this concierge wellness doctor.

“A focus on health and wellness is not only my passion, but it’s also my job,” says Dr. Jonathan Leary, who works closely with his patients to design personalized wellness plans that will improve upon, and ultimately maintain, their overall health through diet, exercise, chiropractic work and more. “As a doctor, it’s important for me to lead by example,” he says. “I teach my patients every day how to be healthy, how to take care of themselves and the actions they must take to be preventative. If I’m not willing to do it, why would I expect them to?” Here, the holistic doc—who partakes in everything from Pilates to boot camps to indoor cycling—reveals the go-to goods that help maintain his dapper appearance.

1 “WHOOP’s device is the best thing on the market right now. It analyzes the strain I put on my body and the amount of recovery I need, and it monitors my sleeping patterns.” WHOOP Strap 2.0, $500

2 “This organic oil has made my face look more hydrated and firm.” Antioxidant + facial oil: borago, rosehip & buckthorn berry, $55, by Grown Alchemist at The Apartment by The Line, L.A.

3 “Lululemon shirts fit amazingly and are also supersleek-looking.” Metal Vent Tech short-sleeve, $68, Lululemon, West Hollywood

4 “This natural sleep aid gives me exactly what I need to fall asleep.” Sleep Well, $26.95, Saje, Westfield Century City

5 “I spend a lot of time rolling out every day, and this foam roller does the trick and then some!” Vyper 2.0, $199, by Hyperice at 

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