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Neil Mandt


The Real Deal

By Carita Rizzo

Portrait by Dylan + Jeni


Neil Mandt is changing the world of film and television one 360-degree video at a time.

Remember how The Terminator pulled up personal information on the people he encountered just by looking at them? What then seemed like a crazy dystopian capability, available only to robots from the future, is soon poised to be our everyday experience. With the development of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, the way we view the world and consume entertainment is about to change forever.

At the forefront of VR content production is Neil Mandt, owner of MANDT VR, which creates 360-degree videos—most recently for The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration and the Pittsburgh Steelers—to deliver immersive experiences to fans. While Mandt recognizes that VR currently reaches a niche audience, he believes we are at the cusp of a tech revolution. “It’s going to change the world,” says Mandt. “And, for me, being on the front edge of this technology is very exciting.”