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David LeFevre’s latest seafood concept has L.A. hooked.

Chef David LeFevre at his new eatery, Fishing with Dynamite

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What you probably don’t know about Fishing with Dynamite, the white-hot new restaurant from Water Grill- and Charlie Trotter’s-pedigreed chef David LeFevre, is that, technically, it was supposed to open two years ago—until the location he had in mind for a seafood-centric spot fell through. But while one door remained closed, another very different door opened, one that Angelenos will wait two hours to dine behind: M.B. Post, where, remembers LeFevre, “I envisioned people sitting at a long table sharing food.” 

It’s no surprise that when LeFevre—a Manhattan Beach denizen who commutes by beach cruiser and has enjoyed enormous success with M.B. Post’s small plates and “soulful, artisanal, handcrafted” ethos—discovered that the space two doors down was available, his mind boomeranged to his beached seafood concept. “I grew up crabbing for blue crabs and fishing for striper with my grandparents on the Chesapeake Bay. That soulful culture was ingrained in me,” says LeFevre, who parlayed that soul into a stylish, 32-seat eatery with nostalgic winks to the East Coast (slatted ceilings and brass) and modern nods to the West Coast (bona fide Eames bar stools and midcentury cement tile floors by Kismet).

Buoyed by a menu divided into Old School (poached lobster and chowder are staples), New School (think grilled octopus or steelhead trout) and After School (dessert options such as pretzel-and-chocolate bread pudding), Fishing with Dynamite lures in landlubbers and seafood lovers alike. And then there’s the soundtrack. Also years in the making, it drops beats from Michael Jackson, George Michael and Jackson Browne. “It’s like I’m throwing a party at my house in here,” LeFevre says. “I’ll be behind the oyster bar and I’ll know half the people at all times. People have a blast.” They’re certainly in the right place for that. 1148 Manhattan Ave., Manhattan Beach, 310.893.6299,