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Sweet Pairings

A Marina del Rey-based couple guides singles—slowly but surely—toward their perfect match. 

Matchmaking couple Cristina and Andrea Morara at home in Marina del Rey


City for Display: 

La dolce vita, for the most part, conjures either the 1960 Federico Fellini film with Anita Ekberg carousing in the Trevi Fountain or that which the phrase embodies: the casually glamorous Italian philosophy on life. This notion of savoring the moment is paramount for matchmaker and image-shaper Cristina Morara. She and husband Andrea launched Stellar Hitch in 2009 in Sarasota, Fla., and established its new matchmaking mother ship in Marina del Rey last summer. The couple’s slower-paced pairing perspective separates them from the herd of online services that emphasize “quantity over quality.” It’s a natural approach for the couple. After years as a casting director in N.Y. and L.A., Cristina was living in Milan in 2004, reviewing candidates for a commercial; and while Andrea, an actor who also spent 15 years as a fashion consultant, didn’t get the part of the “banker,” he did get the girl. “We both knew something had happened,” Cristina says. “And we both took the time and initiative to pursue it.” Following their 2006 marriage, the two opened a wine bar in Sarasota, where customers began asking for advice on pairings that had nothing to do with food and wine. “We didn’t want to be a dating service; we wanted to help people work on the inside, work on the outside,” Cristina says. “People’s perception of self is often not congruent with what they put out there.” Now Stellar Hitch has scouts in Miami, New York, San Francisco and Sarasota—along with L.A. and San Diego, which she and Andrea cover. Beyond refugees from online dating, the couple works with clients “who have surrendered, those who work from home with few prospects of meeting others, people who are new to the area, and super VIPs”-which basically describes most single Angeleno professionals older than 30. Date coaching from $100 an hour, matchmaking packages from $2,500;

Andrea and Cristina Morara’s Hots
Passionate conversation, Mediterranean summers, prosecco, a white fitted shirt, Debussy

Andrea and Cristina Morara’s Nots
Inauthenticity, sugar, too much makeup, gray jeans, when time flies