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Photography by Gregg Delman

Uptown Girl

by Laura Morgan | Manhattan magazine | February 27, 2012

Georgina Bloomberg is known for being the free-spirited daughter of our city’s formidable mayor. She got this rep by forgoing an Ivy League school (she graduated from N.Y.U.’s Gallatin School, where she studied art and sports management), pursuing a career in horse riding rather than a more traditional business profession and saying, “Having the last name Bloomberg sucks,” in the documentary Born Rich.

“People forget that I was 18 when I said that!” Bloomberg explains from the comfort of an oversize red couch in her spacious new apartment situated on Central Park West. “That was 11 years ago. My dad had just become mayor, and I was a little shell-shocked.” While still refreshingly candid, she’s clearly reconsidered. “I’m proud of my last name now.”

Nevertheless, the black-sheep storyline is one that she mines quite effectively in her second young-adult novel, My Favorite Mistake, which just hit bookshelves. The brisk read revolves around Tommi, a competitive horse rider with a challenging relationship with her Ivy League–educated older sister (Georgina’s sis, Emma, is a Princeton grad) and an urge to prove to her billionaire father that her horse-riding career is respectable. Bloomberg shrugs off the comparisons, saying, “There’s a part of me in every character.”

And that does appear to be true. Like her dad, she has a plan—and no shortage of confidence. “People always ask, ‘What do you want to do?’” she says. “It’s not what I want to do but what I’m going to do.”

Right now, Bloomberg is recovering from her most recent back surgery so she can train for the 2016 Olympics. And by 35, she expects to be settled down. “I want kids,” she says. “Two adopted and three of my own... Do you want to know names?”

Bloomberg’s Hots
People who go out of their way to help animals and the environment, shopping at Target for clothes and home goods, my five rescue dogs and two rescue miniature horses

Bloomberg’s Nots
Anyone who doesn’t like dogs; loud, egotistical people; yoga (but I’m obsessed with Pilates)