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The Queen Bee

After 12 years on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, Samantha Bee will premiere her late-night political comedy, Full Frontal, which she created and will host, on Feb. 8 on TBS. We sat down with the actress and author to find out what all the buzz is about. 

Former The Daily Show With Jon Stewart correspondent Samantha Bee looks to shake things up as the sole female late-night host on TV when her show premieres Feb. 8 on TBS.

Why call your show Full Frontal?
We wanted to convey a certain audaciousness. We don’t want to shy away from difficult issues. People have had different interpretations of the title. I think Ron Jeremy’s manager reached out to us and was like, ‘Ron would be perfect for your show,’ and we were like, ‘Mmm, that’s not quite what we’re going for.’

What did you learn from Jon Stewart?
Work ethic and commitment. He was always the first in the office and the last to leave. One thing he always tried to do was take it further. We’re trying to push it past the obvious joke.

How will Full Frontal differ from The Daily Show?
Full Frontal is a topical, satirical news show that’s not necessarily partisan. We’re not chasing the 24-hour news cycle in the same way. We’re going deeper and longer into stories and doing investigative reporting, and we’re getting outside the studio as much as possible. I have a very short attention span.

You and your husband, Jason Jones, were fellow correspondents on TDS, and now you both executive produce each other’s projects on TBS. What’s the best and worst part of working together?
The best part is that we really do trust each other’s notes. The worst part is that we hate getting notes from each other. It’s bitterly painful, but we somehow manage to not take those sessions home with us.

You’re Canadian. What do you love and hate most about living in NYC?
I love the fast pace. I love getting up at 5am and getting bagels when it’s still dark out yet the whole city is completely awake. I always feel safe and I always feel like the city has my back. But there’s an underlying tension to life here. If you let the ball drop for one second, you can really fall apart. That’s a little bit daunting!