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Within the discriminating world of private jet travel, Jet Linx Atlanta is elevating service to offer the friendliest skies imaginable.

Jet Linx Atlanta takes private air travel to the next level.

These local jets sport seriously luxe interiors

Private air travel doesn’t just mean you’re bypassing a concourse and the ticketed masses anymore. With a new customized business model, it means getting personal. At Jet Linx Atlanta (—the newest regional hub of Nebraska-headquartered private flight provider Jet Linx—personalization is an ideology that guides every aspect of its business operations, and is now translated to the passenger.

“Clients feel like they’re at home with us,” says Todd Spangler, base president of Jet Linx Atlanta, which operates out of DeKalb-Peachtree Airport. “From the moment they pull up to our door, there’ll be a customer service representative to greet them, walk their pets, help them get on board—whatever they might need.” Once seated, the team works with travelers to create a bespoke experience, providing flyers with everything they need, from in-flight music to the brand of water sitting in the beverage holder of the plane’s seats.

With hourly card programs and aircraft management plans, the company has a wide range of offerings for private aviation customers. The Longitude Jet Card ($10,000 enrollment fee, $2,750 to $6,950 round-trip hourly rate) lets members pay by the hour for unlimited access to a private jet, while the Latitude Jet Card gives plane access in 25-hour increments with an upfront $25,000 deposit. For aircraft owners, Jet Linx Atlanta offers management services, which include personnel and pilot training, discounted fuel rates, insurance and assistance with Federal Aviation Administration compliance. For those in between, the company can help oversee acquisitions for hourly card holders looking to purchase a private jet of their own.

Though diverse, Jet Linx Atlanta’s services are not unlike those found at competitors such as Flexjet or NetJets. The latter is where Spangler worked as a vice president for 15 years. One area in which Jet Linx Atlanta hopes to best its competitors is in cost: Members can take advantage of a one-way hourly rate, relieving them of the costs associated with empty legs of travel. “We’re able to offer the same service at a lower cost because we have local Atlanta jets with local Atlanta customers,” says John Snodgrass, partner at Jet Linx Atlanta and CEO of Great American Holdings. “The amount of deadhead to position planes around the country is cut in half, because most flights originate here.”

Also of interest is customization and consistency.Members will be assigned a customer service agent who will be their main point of contact throughout their time with Jet Linx Atlanta, as opposed to working with a different staffer each time. “This person is going to know the customer’s favorite type of wine, his dog’s temperament or favorite treat, the barbecue he likes from the shop down the street—all those very specific things that make for a personalized experience,” says Snodgrass.

At the end of the day, the new and improved private jet experience is all about the individual touches. Jet Linx Atlanta wants to lead the way.