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Entrepreneurial success and FIT Radio founder Russell Greene brings the club to your workout.

Russell Greene

You put the hours in, and look what you get. If you’re like tireless Atlanta entrepreneur Russell Greene, you find yourself running an exercise training music app called FIT Radio that has received accolades from the likes of Forbes and Self and has won over CEOs and soccer moms alike. People in the nightclub and fitness industries call you “Rusty,” yet your business exploits are anything but. 

You’re amassing a small fortune, and a customer base that Forbes recently reported at 500,000 and growing, derived from your yeoman’s work as a bouncer turned general manager at one of Midtown’s hottest and longest-lived nightclubs, Opera. You know many of the world’s hottest DJs intimately, and they provide the beats that not only fuel the Opera dance floor, but the treadmills, weight rooms and cycling courses frequented by discriminating adrenaline junkies across the globe.

And you’re never satisfied.

“I’m just a serial entrepreneur,” says Greene, who’s deep in development on a digital wine cork that could revolutionize vinophiles’ lives (think: a futuristic measure of bottle freshness). Meanwhile, his FIT Radio app, which bubbled up from Opera’s dance floor, gains approximately 200 to 1,500 new downloaders each day. “People kept asking how they could get the music we played so they could work out to it,” Greene recalls. So he invented a way.

Unlike other popular online music services and apps, FIT Radio doesn’t air commercials. The app “is sustained,” Greene explains, by members who pay small fees for the personalized tunes they need to fuel their daily regimes. “I use it sometimes for yoga, sometimes for spinning and sometimes for strength training,” he says. “I go through phases. The best thing is that the music never stops. There are no commercials. The beats per minute stay at around 128, and that’s perfect for any kind of exercise.”

“We just got contacted about adding FIT Radio to BlackBerry’s Z10 system,” he adds. “And we’re talking to Nike about integrating FIT Radio into the Nike+ app. There’s a lot happening.” For Greene, it seems the music never stops, nor do the possibilities.