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Buck Up!

Buck Belue, who quarterbacked The University of Georgia to a national championship in 1980, has co-hosted The Buck & Kincade Show on Atlanta’s 680 The Fan for upward of 13 years.

Buck Belue

A savvy sports authority and engaging personality, Belue rarely holds back when it comes to his athletics perspective or love of all-American competition. Here, the devoted husband and father of three opens up about family life, his killer dance move and the career that keeps on giving.

“The reason time flies by with young children is because, most days, you’re just trying to survive.”

“It’s more meaningful to see your son score a youth league touchdown than throw a TD pass in the Georgia-Florida game.”

“My one dance move turned out to be good enough at the father-daughter dance.”

“A young wife can keep you feeling young. Kelley is 15 years younger. We met at WJCL-TV Savannah. She was a talented news reporter. I didn’t think I’d have a shot with her. I’m blessed—great mom, awesome wife, and, it turns out, she’s a great cook, too.”

“Radio is just like football or baseball.You’ve got to show up ready to play.”

“Never trust a guy’s handicap, especially if he looks like a touring pro.”

“If you have passion for the job, it rarely seems like work. I learned at Valdosta High that you can outwork the competition. Coach Hyder used to scream out during offseason morning workouts: ‘Gentlemen, we work... while the opponent sleeps.’ Life lesson learned.”

“I get to cover the Braves, Falcons, Bulldogs, Hawks and PGA Tour—all here in Atlanta. Working nationally couldn’t be better than this.”

Air Time 
Belue lets us in on his studio world and where he got that nickname.

“In sports broadcasting, the ex-athlete has a reputation for being ‘not real good’ on-air. That’s a daily motivation. It’s a revolving door. Some guys thought they could wing it and get the job done. Not so.”

“John [Kincade] and I were hired with the plan of putting us together on the radio. This ‘North and South’ thing goes over big in Atlanta. It’s a transient town, and most of the growth is coming from the North. Then again, there are a lot of us who are from Georgia. It continues to bubble up some pretty good discussion.”

“One of my favorite lines on the show—one that the audience seems to like, too—is when Kincade and I are getting into it, and I put him in his place by saying, ‘Well, if you had played the game…’”

“I was born Benjamin Franklin Belue III. My dad admired a very successful high school football coach in Macon, where he grew up, named Shelby Buck—so Buck was my nickname right away. I guess it works in the South.”