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Seductive screen ingenue Agnes Bruckner heads to the Hollywood of the South.

Agnes Bruckner

You’ve got to respect an actress who can equally captivate audiences as a scream queen and with a striptease. Private Practice alum Agnes Bruckner has been thrilling movie audiences for years with some good old-fashioned horror flicks (think: Kill Theory, Venom and Murder by Numbers). The sexy starlet recently channeled infamous Playmate Anna Nicole Smith, with the help of some serious prosthetics, in Lifetime’s Atlanta-filmed biopic Anna Nicole. Here, she opens up about strip clubs, ham binges and the art of hair-raising horror.

You shot Anna Nicole in Buckhead, correct?
I was there for five weeks and shot at the InterContinental. I just loved Buckhead—the ham bar at Southern Art is incredible. After shooting, we would all sit around and eat ham and drink wine. It was amazing.

Being as busy as you were, was there anything you wish you had the opportunity to do while in town?
I heard that there are some great strip bars in Atlanta, but we were so busy. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try any of them out.

You didn’t film at any of them?
We actually shot part of Anna Nicole in an old, run-down strip club, and there were actual strippers we used as extras.

Nothing beats authenticity! Did you learn anything?
I had some private lessons with a pole-dancing instructor. It’s really uncomfortable, actually: You just have to learn to let go and go for it. I got pretty good somewhere by the middle of the first class, though.

We love your résumé. Nothing beats a good horror flick.
I love horror. There’s an art to it. I don’t think people realize how hard it is to make a horror movie. When you’re running from a monster while covered in fake blood, it can look cheesy really quick. They’re challenging, and I gravitate toward that.

Anything we should look out for?
I just finished one that I think your readers would really like, called Breaking the Girls.

Oh. Just Googled it. Wow. Hmm. You might be right about that.

Check out to view Breaking the Girls’ trailer.