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Luxury tobacco brand Davidoff delves deep into a signature tobacco blend with new Nicaragua series cigars.

A quality smoke is more than just a cigar—it’s an experience.

If purchased directly through Davidoff’s website, the lengthy Toros cost $66 for a pack of four; the extended, thumb-shaped Robusto are $56 for four; and a five-pack of stubby Coronas go for $50. Buckhead Cigar, 3400 Around Lenox Drive,

Dustin Marshall

Success, to some, is measured by pricy acquisitions. For others, it’s stimulating company. But, for bona fide cigar enthusiasts, these will always pale in comparison to the first puff of an exquisite new cigar.

Cue the Davidoff Nicaragua series—the most sought-after find at this year’s cigar trade shows—which arrives at select Atlanta cigar shops in early fall. The Nicaraguas, which feature tobacco leaves long cultivated by the prestigious brand, but only now harvested, are a cut above the average stogie. Centuries in genesis and at least a decade in formulation, Davidoff Nicaraguas offer a deeply satisfying cigar experience. In fact, a panel of German aficionados recently rated the Nicaragua one of the five best cigars ever tasted. Outside, they offer irresistible midlife crisis-style packaging (read: sleek, sporty black boxes), and they certainly have exclusivity working in their favor. Inside, they not only live up to the panache—they offer a sublime stogie iteration that you’ll be eager to replicate soon (and often).

The experience offered by Davidoff’s tobacconists, in terms of the austerely wrapped Corona, goes as such: A spicy start tingles the lips and awakens the throat; the taste gingerly yields to notes of coffee and chocolate that rhythmically grind together; midway through, aromatic notes offer a soft and soothing elegance that floats through to the end, making you wish it could go on for much longer.
Prices vary, and one Atlanta retail expert suggests these gems could sell for $100 each in places with high demand and low supply (such as Las Vegas and South Beach).

Life’s too short to skimp on cigars. When it’s time to treat yourself, set your sights on Nicaragua—by way of Davidoff.

What should cigar aficionados look forward to this fall?
“We’re excited about collaborating with the Oliva Cigar Co. and Atlanta’s own Primer Mundo Cigars during college football Saturdays. There’s no better way to enjoy Saturday afternoons in the fall than watching college football with a nice cigar and a scotch or craft beer. We have four big screens showing games at all times, especially SEC games—so our customers get the best of everything.”—Dustin Marshall, operations manager of Highland Cigar Co., 245 N. Highland Ave. NE,