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The Chicago Bears’ Robbie Gould suits up for another successful season, in more ways than one.

Robbie Gould is the third most accurate kicker in the history of the NFL.

All-time best Bears by position? Payton. Butkus. Ditka. No one would argue those picks. After that, it gets fuzzy—unless you’re talking about kicker, because that’s another gimme: Gould.

Not only is Robbie Gould the best Bears kicker ever, he’s also the third most accurate in the history of the NFL. He’s scored 100 points or more for the Bears in seven of his nine seasons, which is a franchise record, and has been to both the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl.

This is a guy who didn’t get drafted out of Penn State in 2005. “I’ve exceeded any expectations I’ve had, not only about playing in the NFL, but also being surrounded by great teammates in one of the best sports cities in the country,” he says. “If it ended tomorrow, I’d be completely happy with the career I’ve had.”

Let’s hope it doesn’t end soon. Chicagoans love having this guy on their side, as do local charities. In 2011 he founded The Goulden Touch, a foundation that plans and hosts events and funnels the profits back to its partners in the areas of health and wellness, education, social services and medical research.

One such event is the Robbie Gould Celebrity Invitational, a golf tournament held at Conway Farms Golf Club in Lake Forest June 22-23, with proceeds benefiting the Ronald McDonald House. Gould sees a lot of similarities in golf and kicking: “Swinging at 60 or 70 percent, it’s going to go farther than if you swing 100 percent,” he says. “The easier you swing, the better contact you make.”

Coming from someone who, in addition to his day job, can drive a golf ball about 280 yards, those just might be words to play by.

Gould's Hots
Chicago sports teams, giving back, fatherhood

Gould's Nots
“In Chicago, the winter. That’s about it, though. I don’t have a lot of nots.”