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Miguel Rodriguez Sepulveda: Emergia Miami

09.13.14 - 10.09.14
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Locust Projects is pleased to present Emergía Miami, the United States premiere of an ongoing project by Mexico City-based artist Miguel Rodríguez Sepúlveda.

For the project, which has been presented in Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Caracas and Sao Paolo, the artist searches for clues to a shared cultural experience in each city. For the first time, Sepúlveda will be the sole performer in his project, at once identifying, adopting, transforming and realizing the symbols he identifies in his investigation of the collective Latin American imagination.

Emergía is especially relevant in Miami, a city that many people from South and Central America have chosen to call home.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10AM-5PM

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