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Miami's Men of the Moment

By Luis R. Rigual

Photography by Nick Garcia | Styling by Elysze Held


From an astronomy expert to a real estate maverick, the men shaping Miami’s future couldn’t be more different in their professions and approaches, but they all share one common trait: a no-holds-barred passion for what they do. Here, eight trailblazers sound off—in their own words.

The Comeback King
Marketing executive Manny Machado decided retirement just wasn’t for him, so he formed a new partnership and proved it’s never too late to start over.

“The day I started my first job more than 30 years ago, I realized that there were people who wanted to hear what I had to say on brands, trends and how to reach the masses. That’s when I knew what I was doing was meant for me. When it comes to marketing and advertising, I’ve pretty much done it all, so a couple of years back, when the chance to sell my former business came up, I thought it was a natural step. I was wrong. I can admit that now. I wasn’t ready to retire, not by a long shot. I was so bored after one month, I was crawling the walls. I don’t golf, and you can only have lunches with friends so many times a week. My best decision at that point was to unite forces with my business partner, Luis Gonzalez-Esteves, who had founded his successful firm C-COM, and together we positioned ourselves for a great new business opportunity... and we did it in record time! We reached out to client partners of many years, and they took a chance on us. Thanks to that, we’re thriving. In the last year, we’ve worked on very successful campaigns for Florida Power & Light, Neutrogena, Aveeno and Southeast Toyota, whose latest spot just won us a Silver Addy from the American Advertising Federation. We’ve built a solid integrated team, but it’s been challenging... lots of late nights... yet I feel energized every day. Our focus now is to continue to grow our digital and channel-integration divisions while staying true to what got us here, and I think about that 24/7. Reinvention is nothing new to me. I’ve done it a million times... and if I have to, I’ll do it again.”