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When it comes to parties, Miami is on a 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year cycle. 

City for Display: 


Miami Beach

Even in our social utopia, the arrival of a new year merits something special. The fireworks display that ushered in 2013 in South Beach was certainly a spectacle to behold. After the clock hit the 12 o’clock mark, a blinding cloud of light reminiscent of an atomic apocalypse lit the sands near Ocean Drive and 12th Street, making it appear as if 2013’s first sunrise had arrived hours ahead of schedule. The scene only lasted a few minutes, but Elido Turco, an Italian visitor in town for the holidays, was there to capture it. “It was very cheerful and there was toasting everywhere,” says the retired photographer. “The type of long exposure I used created that immense glow, like a big explosion or the birth of something unreal.” Or just simply another night of celebration in our neck of the woods.