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Cottage Industry

At his new men’s shop in Sunset Harbour, owner Ariel Burman tackles traditional masculine elegance with a dash of Miami moxie.

Ariel Burman at the dock of The Standard hotel near Sunset Harbour, site of his new Cottage men’s boutique.

It wasn’t until his studies led him to Brooklyn Law School that Ariel Burman realized his penchant for style wasn’t just a hobby. During regular jaunts to Manhattan, the Boca Raton native quickly realized that clothes do indeed make the man—whether he’s a jet set type or a Wall Street financier. “I began to notice an upgraded approach to a man’s wardrobe,” says the 28-year-old. “So I started learning about the industry while I was studying law.”

Between mastering torts and lectures on subpoenas, the emerging tastemaker began exploring menswear from a business standpoint under the tutelage of a friend who worked in retail sales. As he learned about production, labor costs and points of sale, Burman also began to develop his own ideas on what classic style should be. Not long after his 2011 graduation, he moved to Miami to do legal work for his family’s seafood company while fine-tuning the details for Cottage, a 1,000-square-foot shop dedicated to classic menswear from American and European designers that opened at Sunset Harbour in Miami Beach in late August. Combining the coastal lifestyle with Burman’s own traditionally elegant aesthetic, the boutique’s inventory is an A-through-Z of its proprietor’s sartorial persona. “I thought Miami needed a place carrying the brands I like to wear,” he says of
labels like Band of Outsiders, Baxter of California, Michael Bastian, Mollusk, Saturdays Surf NYC and Sunspel. In additon to those, Cottage is currently the only location in Miami to carry Stubbs & Wootton slippers, Todd Snyder staples, Armando Cabral shoes, Catherine Zadeh accessories, Monsieur Lacenaire wool knits and WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie leather travel accessories. The boutique’s vintage yet industrial decor and its cool finishes are meant to encourage shoppers to linger and admire some of Burman’s design touches: a canoe, wooden planks and pendant lights to spotlight certain inventory items. As serious as it is about its style intent, Cottage does reveal a cheeky hipster touch here and there. The cash register, for instance, is a contraption that also draws craft beers from local breweries.

“I’m excited about offering something special,” says  Burman. “Whether a guy is sporty or intellectual, he’s bound to find something here.” 1784 West Ave., Miami Beach, 305.534.9917,