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Haute Horticulture

At the new Kalla floral boutique, on-trend blooms are always in style.

Petals in the Wind
Kalla founders Addie Flynn and Hani Yassin bring fashion sensibilities to their floral arrangements.

As Addie Flynn and Hani Yassin see it, all flowers are not created equal—at least, not after they get their hands on them. At their new online floral boutique, Kalla, a Miami-based posy purveyor with a blossoming propensity for all things style, the bouquet as we know it is getting a serious makeover.

“I approach designing arrangements the same way I would dressing myself,” reveals Flynn, who counts textile motifs as her main source of inspiration. “There is always a strong graphic element finished off by a pop of color.”

True to Flynn’s words, Kalla’s blooms (priced from $95 to $250) come in statement-making vases (also custom) that anchor seasonal floral arrangements inspired by historic romantic couples and friendship-defining duos—the Henry & Anaïs (named after writers Henry Miller and Anaïs Nin) alludes to passionate themes with blood-red Wanted Hearts roses and green cymbidium orchids, while the Grace & the Prince (named for actress Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco) nods to Kelly’s graceful style simplicity with white roses and Green Ball dianthus. Of the 12 offerings in Kalla’s collection, six are classic arrangements Flynn refers to as the petal equivalent of a little black dress—always in style. The remaining six rotate to reflect season-to-season runway trends that Flynn expertly translates into horticulture.

“We looked at the market and saw a niche,” says Yassin, who serves as Kalla’s CEO. “We were very inspired by the success of any aspirational, consumer-centric project and felt that flower delivery could use some of those attributes, which were clearly missing from the market. From the way our product is packaged, standing up in a chic gift box with no mess whatsoever, to the way you track its delivery, we just offer a different experience.”

Up next for the brand? Retail pop-up locations throughout key areas in Miami and more statement- making arrangements from Flynn’s imagination. “I’m seeing all this focus on embellishments when it comes to fashion, so you will definitely see that transpire in our work,” she adds. “I’m also going to explore some neutral palettes and will dress that up with unique textures and patterns.”

On trend, indeed.