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Magic Moment

Adam Rodriguez is no stranger to our shores. After 10 seasons on CSI: Miami as detective Eric Delko, he saw plenty of sand and surf (even though most of the drama was shot in L.A.). With a new FOX comedy series set to premiere this spring, we caught up with the dashing actor at the recent Chivas Brotherhood 1801 pop-up bar for a one-on-one on moxie, male bonding and Magic Mike 2.0.

Adam Rodriguez


So what was the deal with CSI: Miami hardly ever shooting here? [Laughs] I know! I would run into fans who were from Miami and they would say, ‘You filmed by my house!’ Depending on how excited they were when they told me determined whether I told them the truth or not.

Do you miss being on the series? I miss the people. I definitely miss the paycheck. And I hate that we didn’t have a good closure to the series. After 10 seasons, how many more dead bodies can you keep finding?

You’re coming back to TV this spring with a new series called Goodwin Games. What can you tell us about it? I can tell you it will be really funny. It’s with Becki Newton of Ugly Betty and from the creators of How I Met Your Mother. I’m thrilled to be part of it.

How did you get involved with Chivas as a brand ambassador? They called and said they were interested in a partnership.

There’s a very chivalrous aspect to the brand, don’t you think? Yes, it all boils down to that.

Are you chivalrous? I think so. I open doors. I buy flowers. I give everything I know how to give.

With all that swagger, no wonder you were cast in Magic Mike. Thank you. I feel like every guy in that movie had that quality.

Did you think the movie was going to be that huge? I think we all knew we had something special, [but] the end result far exceeded all my expectations.

How did the sequel come about? After it did as well as it did [the producers said,] ‘Want to do a two?’ And we were all like, ‘Of course!’ Honestly, I really can’t wait.

Neither can all the straight women and gay men of America. Ha! That’s nice to say. We’ll give them what they want. 

Favorite Restaurants “Casa Tua and Scarpetta. I love pasta. It’s my kryptonite.”

Best Nightclub “LIV, baby. Nothing compares to that place.”

Five-Star Indulgence “I always stay at The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach. It’s a must.”

Yet To Try “The Broken Shaker. All of my friends say I must go. I will soon.”