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Rain? Check!

When Mother Nature refuses to cooperate, take your leisure indoors!

CinéBistro takes the movie experience to new heights.

1. Thumbs Up
Films will never be the same after you’ve experienced one at CinéBistro. This cinema is for those who want to make a movie outing an experience. Thanks to leather seating and a full dinner menu (popcorn shrimp is more like it), we can’t think of a better way to waste an afternoon indoors (rainy or not). Dolphin Mall, 11471 NW 12th St., Miami, 305.455.7373 

2. Perfect 10
Swap your rain boots for bowling shoes at the old-Hollywood inspired Lucky Strike. With a lounge setting, gourmet bites and cocktails, this venue shatters any notions of bowling as a Middle America pastime. Best part: The door policy changes to ages 21 and over after 9PM. Strike! 1691 Michigan Ave., Miami Beach, 305.532.030 

3. Cheers to That!
If you have to be stuck somewhere during a rainstorm, a wine shop/art gallery doesn’t sound like a bad place to be. At Wine by the Bay, owner Stefano Campanini hosts regular exhibits with tastings of vino from France, Italy, Greece and Napa. 888 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, 305.455.979

4. Tea Time
Pinkies are up and brew is the word at The Biltmore’s daily tea seatings (2 and 3:30PM). For $30 per person, visitors can tip the kettle as often as they like as they munch on scones and cucumber sandwiches. For $100 extra, Champagne service can be included. 1200 Anastasia Ave., Coral Gables, 855.311.6903 

5. Work it Out!
Sweat out your weather frustrations at Flywheel Sports and watch the calories melt away. The Sunset Harbour studio offers spinning classes with energetic teachers who make the most of those 45 minutes. You will leave drenched and spent, but all the better for it. 1919 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach, 305.763.8227