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Actors never really know when that big break is going to come. For the beguiling Ana Ayora such fortune may come in the form of The Big Wedding, a comedy hitting theaters April 26 about a long-divorced couple who pretend to be married for reasons too convoluted to explain. In the Justin Zackham-directed film, the Miami native holds her own alongside Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Robin Williams and Susan Sarandon. Looks like her happily ever after is about to begin.

Miami’s Ana Ayora makes a splash in this month’s The Big Wedding.

So, Miami versus L..A., any thoughts? I will say this: I’m really happy living in L.A., but Miami has the best people and flavor you could ask for. How’s that?

Do you think living here prepared you for Hollywood? Oh, for sure. I can’t imagine how shocking things would have been if I’d arrived from a small town.

What was your experience with The Big Wedding like? It’s the coolest project I’ve done so far. Working with legendary actors I grew up watching and admiring is an enormous gift.

Any first-day memories? I was the first to arrive on set and that same day I did a scene with Robert De Niro and Diane Keaton. I had to stop myself from crying because it was so overwhelming to think that was my reality.

Did you all become close? It only took us a couple of weeks to feel like family. On my birthday, Topher [Grace] had a cake for me and had me over for dinner. It made work fun.

Has there ever been a better time to be a Hispanic woman in showbiz in Hollywood? It’s definitely our time. A lot more roles are being offered and different stories are being told. It’s great to be part of all that.

Did you ever have doubts about “making it” before this part? Giving up was never an option. During my first meeting for agents, I remember telling them straight up, ‘I don’t have a plan B. This is it.’

So, what’s your advice to all those girls standing in line at casting calls? Stay true to your heart. Oh, and get ready to work really, really hard.