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Style & the Man

Let’s face it: True style goes beyond garments and luxury labels. It’s about individuality, confidence and gutsy instincts. Our eight dapper gentlemen have these qualities in spades when it comes to their wardrobes, and in the following pages we’ve put their sartorial savvy on chic display.

Nic Roldan


The Look
Shirt by Lanvin, jacket and pants by Salvatore Ferragamo, and belt by Del Toro

Robert Caldwell


The Look
Jacket by Samuelsohn, custom-made shirt by Musa, pants by Ralph Lauren and shoes by Cole Haan

Robert Onuska


The Look
Jacket by DSquared2, shirt by Givenchy, jeans by Levi’s and shoes by Dolce & Gabbana

The Equestrian
More often than not, polo players cut a dashing figure both on and off the field. Nic Roldan, who was competing in major tournaments by age 15, embodies the blue-blood heritage so often associated with the pony-and-mallet set, but he brings a certain down-to-earth flair to the Sport of Kings that’s all his own—an ethos that extends to his style choices as well. Eschewing cliché polo staples, he opts for more citycentric choices like designer jeans and low V-necks when it comes to casualwear. In formal matters, he turns to Salvatore Ferragamo more often than not. “If you’re secure about yourself, then it doesn’t really matter how you dress... well, to a certain extent,” he says. “I believe men should approach their style in the most simplistic way possible because I think a guy looks his best when it seems like it took him five minutes to get dressed. I never sit in front of the closet to figure out what shirt goes with what shoes. I go with my gut instinct.” And you know what they say: no guts, no glory.

The Wild Card
Robert Caldwell is not shy to admit he owns just two pairs of “serious pants” (in black and brown), but many, many in pastels. That revelation might seem odd coming from a businessman, but with his eclectic, rugged style and smooth attitude to match, one soon realizes Caldwell is not one to do things by the book. At work and at play, the owner of Hotel Humidor (a supplier of high-end cigars) and the Wynwood Cigar Factory (where Honduran stogies are hand-rolled) makes fashion work on his terms. “A lot of my style is influenced by where I’ve been,” he says. “I’ve traveled to 54 countries and I’ve bought something to add to my closet at each one. If you go to Esteli on Nicaragua’s border, you can get any belt in any exotic skin or a custom pair of boots made to order and ready to wear the next day.” At home, Caldwell’s rolling stone spirit translates to lots of tailored Levi’s, bohemian custom shirts and Gucci loafers in a variety of colors. “I love bright shades,” he says. “I grew up with my mother wearing Lilly Pulitzer all the time—lots of teals, oranges, reds, purples—so I kind of adopted that part of her style.” Could this rebel really be a mama’s boy in disguise? “No, no, no,” insists Caldwell. “Just because I can rock a nice pastel doesn’t mean I don’t feel comfortable in a Brioni suit.”

The Tastemaker
With his Thom Browne-cuffed slacks and tailored polos, Robert Onuska doesn’t fulfill the image normally associated with his baker profession. That’s because long before he was perfecting pastries for Stella’s Sweet Shoppe, he was sharpening his eye for style through various visual merchandising positions in Miami and New York. That’s also the secret to why his confections look as good as they taste. “It was a rather smooth professional transition for me,” says Onuska. “Whether it concerns personal style or a delicious cupcake, you can say I have an eye for presentation.” And what an eye it is. The inside knowledge Onuska gained in his former professional life taught him that style works best when its recipient resists transitory trends. For Onuska, that means classic lines that will remain relevant for years to come. “Look in my closet and you’ll find that half of my shirts are white, whether they’re Dior or Club Monaco,” he says, “but what’s common to them is the fit. If it fits great, I gravitate toward it. Pieces that will make you look sophisticated and put together are the only way to go. Of course, a little bit of color never hurts.” In fact, it’s a treat for the eyes.

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