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The Sunshine Kid

Born and raised in nearby Clearwater, actor Jordan Wall brings a local’s sensibility to his role as forensics technologist Daniel Green in The Glades, a South Florida-set whodunit on A&E that happens to be the network’s most-watched scripted show. On the occasion of the series’ return on May 27, we spoke to the Florida native about shooting in paradise, what’s in store for season four and whether his character will ever shed that damn lab coat and glasses.

Jordan Wall


So, where is home for you these days? I’m kind of a vagabond. I’m in South Florida for about half a year shooting the show, then I head over to Hollywood when we’re done filming.

Which city is your favorite? Clearwater will always be special because it’s my hometown, but L.A. has a lot of possibility.

Is it tough moving around so much? Honestly, I’m just psyched to be doing what I’m doing with my life right now.

CSI: Miami was often criticized for not shooting in Miami enough, but Florida is almost like a character on The Glades, isn’t it? Florida is like a season regular. The beaches, the swamps and even the heat here can’t be re-created. I mean, the palm trees in California look nothing like the ones here and the water here is bluer. To do it there would be totally faking it.

Where is this fictional town of Palm Glade supposed to be? All over. We’ve been to the Everglades, Hollywood, South Beach... The creators [of the show] are always trying to find new places the viewer hasn’t seen before. I’ve lived here most of my life and I’ve never seen some of the areas where we’ve shot. Even the swamps here are mesmerizing.

The character you play is a bit of a nerd. Do you have to do research to figure out what he’s talking about? I do take out my phone a lot to Google certain words in my script, but I wouldn’t say I’m staying up late studying.

What should fans expect in the fourth season? You’re going to see the characters rag on each other a bit more. It’s going to be fun for viewers.

What about showing some skin? Your co-star Matt Passmore is shirtless a lot. [Laughs] I ask that myself all the time. One day I’m just going to come in with my lab coat and nothing else.