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Wandering Wonders

Marchesa’s Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman infuse some nomad chic into their brand of glamour.

A look from the Marchesa Voyage collection

Known for their jaw-dropping red-carpet stunners, Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman, the duo behind the glamorous fashion brand Marchesa, are shifting gears a bit these days. Marchesa Voyage is a contemporary sportswear collection with a global point of view that raises the bar on the jet-setter’s wardrobe. We sat down with Craig at Kristine Michaels (7271 SW 57th Ave., Miami, 305.665.7717), where the line is now available, to learn the ins and outs of unceremonious glamour the Marchesa way.

In five words Marchesa Voyage is… Seasonless, embellished, happy, exotic and effortless. Mixing Marchesa and Marchesa Voyage: OK or faux pas? Georgina and I felt very strongly about creating a collection for a customer who appreciates what we do at Marchesa, but didn’t want to spend $5,000 on a cocktail dress. But, if you do shop both lines, you should absolutely mix and match. We always saw Marchesa as a full lifestyle brand, so our girl wears Voyage during the day, and then she changes into Marchesa at night. Can we expect to see an all-encompassing Marchesa lifestyle brand soon? Well, we launched our perfume [in 2012], which was very exciting. The future is bright, but I think, for us, it’s really about focusing on the new divisions that we’ve started. We’ve grown very slowly, although it may feel like it all happened quite quickly. Georgina and I plan to spend a lot of time on Marchesa Voyage. It’s paramount to get the details of the core of who we are as a brand and what we want to portray to the world. We’re making sure that we get those right before we can start talking Marchesa pillows and home scents. Speaking of your partner, your individual styles are very different. You veer on the side of bohemian, and Georgina is all about the sparkle. How does that work out when it comes to collaborating? We might like different things for our personal wardrobe, but if you put us in a room with 1,000 dresses, we would gravitate toward the same five. I’m a textile designer, so I’ll design the embellishments, the print, fabrics and so on. Georgina takes on the silhouette of the garment and its draping. We both have our own specific roles, and the partnership just works very well. Would you say there is synergy between the Voyage line and Miami fashionistas? Voyage is resoundingly well suited for Miami. I think it’s in keeping with the Miami lifestyle. The whole idea behind Marchesa is about a global traveler and the relaxed lifestyle. It’s about the woman who is either getting on the plane to go to a place like Miami or is living the life of a traveler at home. I’ve met plenty of women like that here. Do you see a freestanding store in Miami one day? Are you kidding? We would absolutely love to have a shop in Miami. This city has been very good to us. Ever since we started Marchesa we’ve been coming to show our collection here. It’s a great city... so much fun. If we had a store here, it’d give me an excuse to come down all the time.