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Women of Style 2014

Five fabulous and fearless Miami females take us on a fashion journey that’s all about individuality.

On Klioumi de Marturet: Black-and-white asymmetrical silk gown and black-and-white sparkle clutch by Silvia Tcherassi; jewelry by Ana Sofia Tarbay.

In a city of glamazons, standing out from the pack takes true talent. The right outfit and shoes are just the beginning. It’s about attitude... finesse... and a penchant for bending the rules when it comes to fashion. Our five leading ladies are well versed in that department, and in the following pages they show and tell us what Miami style means to them.

The International
From Greek origin; born in Germany; and raised in Egypt, Peru and Venezuela, Athina Klioumi de Marturet can’t help but describe her approach to dressing as anything but international. However, the actress and dancer feels a special kinship to the tunics and draping so often associated with Greece. “I like to feel light and sensual when I dress,” she says, “so the way materials move on the body is very important to me.” She was named after the Greek goddess of wisdom and courage, among other things, so perhaps that sartorial affinity is only natural. Hellenic mythology aside, Klioumi de Marturet’s nomadic upbringing works its influence on her wardrobe in rather organic ways. To wit: She adores tribal accessories (a result, no doubt, of a childhood spent visiting souks and bazaars) and is smitten by the unabashed love for romance that South American designers like Silvia Tcherassi, Angel Sanchez and Carolina Herrera embrace, and whose floor-length gowns are ideal for red-carpet appearances alongside her husband, Eduardo Marturet, music director and conductor of the Miami Symphony Orchestra. And, although white tends to be her go-to color, she admits to flirting with the palette these days. “I find myself gravitating toward orange, red and green lately,” she says. “These shades give me an energy I can’t really describe. I guess sometimes fashion speaks louder than words.”

The Risk-Taker
As the founder of Art Lexïng, a gallery dedicated to promoting the next generation of contemporary Chinese artists, Lexïng Zhang is bombarded with aesthetic ingenuity and visual expressions that revel in challenging the norm. It’s not surprising that the gallerist and art dealer doesn’t just bend style rules, but rather slices through them with the precision of a surgeon, opting to indulge the sartorial rebel that resides in some of us. “I’ve been described as a risk-taker, and if that means a love for the contemporary, the minimalistic, and the feminine and bold, then so be it,” she says. That boundary-pushing acumen was developed while attending graduate school for international business in France and later fine-tuned during an internship at Vogue Paris, which was then the domain of the mighty Carine Roitfeld. Inevitably, Zhang favors designers and labels that approach style from an artistic, cerebral viewpoint, like Maison Martin Margiela, Christian Lacroix and Helmut Lang. “I love all aspects of fashion,” adds Zhang. “For me, it’s one of the ultimate ways to express my own creativity.”

The Wild Card
Trial attorney Andi DeField is as clear on her fashion persona as she is on the nuances of corporate and insurance law. Just hear her describe it: “A modern take on classic silhouettes and fabrics”—and then, without missing a beat—“with a dash of Ziggy Stardust thrown in for good measure!” DeField’s style proclivities and poise were sharpened after a lifetime of beauty pageants, which gave her clear (and on-the-record) insight as to which styles work for her (and, more importantly perhaps, which ones don’t) through trial and error. These days, she’s mostly traded those tiaras and sashes for more sophisticated trappings: black leather tights by BCBGMAXAZRIA (“I own more than I can count,” she confesses), Brian Atwood peep-toe boots, statement bags (like her cherished Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage Speedy 35) and all-important gowns by the likes of Elie Saab and Giambattista Valli. Glamour is rather prevalent in DeField’s DNA, and she’s not afraid to embrace it. “Big hair, professional makeup, long dresses—I love it all... it’s the pageant girl in me!” she admits. “And I never leave the house for an evening out without my fake eyelashes.” Even daytime rituals like working out and running errands have ooh-la-la oomph in DeField’s world: “Three words,” she says. “Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers.” Ziggy would most definitely be proud.

The Connector
As the CEO and founder of the Miami Fashion Network, Jessica Anderson brings together style-industry creatives so that deals are made, photo shoots get done and Magic City fashion gets its due. It’s a role that requires breakfast meetings, planning lunches and late-into-the night dinners, and Anderson does it all while looking impeccable—and most usually in perilously high open-toe boots to boot. As seriously as she takes style in her business, her personal approach to the whole thing is more... off the cuff. “I look for things that really stand out,” says the former New Yorker. And she’s an equal opportunity tastemaker when it comes to her wardrobe, which is a mode melange of classic, edgy, sexy, casual and couture—all depending on the occasion. For Anderson that means Tom Ford dresses, Dolce & Gabbana jackets, Christian Louboutin Vendome heels, and anything and everything by Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier and Valentino. Needless to say that when it comes to guidelines, Anderson is more likely to throw the rulebook out the window and go with her gut. Although, there is one tenet she does abide by: “I would never, ever wear one designer head to toe. I love the mix.” And it loves her right back.

The Classicist
Known for her demure style and anything-but prose, South Florida native Kristin M.K. Ducote (the attorney-turned-novelist responsible for Naked Paddock, a fiction series based on the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of professional car racing) likes to describe her personal style as “classic, feminine and chic.” For someone who deals in words, she’s certainly nailed it. “I’m constantly analyzing my wardrobe and focusing on rare and timeless pieces that I will keep forever,” she says. Wardrobe staples these days include sheer, colorful beachwear for weekend jaunts to the Fisher Island Club and yacht treks to Lyford Cay, a pink tweed Chanel blazer she pairs with white shorts for daytime outings, Alaïa dresses with sexy booties for nights out on the town and a Balenciaga motorcycle leather jacket that has seen its fair share of book signings and racetrack visits to see her daredevil husband, Chapman, compete. Ducote brings it all together with vintage statement jewelry by Chanel from the Christy Turlington/Linda Evangelista/supermodel days. “It’s fun to see how elegant those pieces looked decades ago and how relevant they can still look today,” she says, revealing her weakness for those intercrossing C’s. “Oh, the stories they tell!”

Fashion styling by Claudia Alonso
Makeup and hair styling by Marcelo Beguez & Betty Villalobos/Rik Rak Salon
Shot on location at the Mandarin Oriental, Miami