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Versatile designer Kira Krümm lets the coast put her in a creative state of mind.

Kira Krümm

When homeowners set out to decorate the interior of a house, they don’t always articulate exactly what they want. They may say, “I want a showplace,” but actually desire a home that reflects who they are.

That’s where Kira Krümm comes in. The founder of Kira Krümm International Design (—and creator of her own line of furnishings, fabrics and home decor—is a celebrated, award-winning talent not only in South Florida, but also in markets throughout the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. Her work’s common denominator is the coast: Her love of the tropics and subtropics helps her intuit what her coastal clients truly want.

“Our living environment is a celebration of our individuality and often conveys the triumph of our achievements,” she says. “But in recent years, I have observed a shift away from opulent, ‘formal’ living, where the home is a symbol of status, and more toward an emphasis on comfort and livability.”

Krümm is known for her neutral color palette, in her words, her “love of all that is white, with the use of warm, neutral grays and metallic accents.” But it all inevitably comes back to the sea. “For me, something as simple as a walk on the beach can clear all the clutter from my mind and really ignite the creative process,” she says. The result of her beachcombing? “I created an award-winning showcase and luxury bedding collection based on a single silver capiz shell.”