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Eat, Play, Love

 As unexpected experiences become the new luxury at weddings, brides and grooms are treating guests to creative bites that are as delightful as they are delicious.

Bold Catering & Design’s apple pie pops are a hit at weddings, providing guests with a playful—not to mention tasty—
take on an all-American classic. 

Bye-bye, basic buffet! Modern couples are turning to Atlanta’s premier caterers to spice up their receptions with innovative fare that gives guests a new and often interactive experience. Hip and healthy poke, a traditional Hawaiian dish consisting of cubed raw fish, is one way to make a splash. “Everyone is loving cool and unique stations, and our Hokey Poke station is a popular one,” says Dina Biondo Iglesias, director of sales and marketing for Proof of the Pudding. The playful setup offers several twists on the classic to satisfy taste buds, such as Chilean sea bass poke and vegan poke made with crispy tofu. Executive chef Todd Annis of Bold Catering & Design agrees that the Aloha State specialty provides a fresh perspective. “Poke is our No. 1 best-selling station,” he confirms. “As it’s traveled from Hawaii to Georgia, the dish has gotten more and more diverse in what people are expecting.” To that end, Bold provides an array of add-ons—from brown rice and greens to cucumbers and spicy mayo—for guests to customize their bowls.
Want to entertain loved ones with dinner and a show? Proof of the Pudding’s fireside slider bar, where chefs torch the miniburger ingredients before guests’ eyes, is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. And millennials will enjoy watching chefs whip up delicious pho at Bold’s cleverly named Breaking Broth station, where noodles, veggies and broth are placed in a repurposed Japanese coffee maker—which looks a lot like lab equipment from a certain TV show—and brought to a boil, then served and topped with guests’ favorite garnishes.
When it comes to dessert, nostalgia is the hottest trend. In addition to grab-and-go treats like apple pie pops and Funfetti whoopie pies, both Iglesias and Annis say flash-freeze Anti-Griddle stations are on the rise. Proof of the Pudding serves up frozen vanilla and chocolate anglaise cookie pops, while Bold offers a soda pop station where liquid discs are hardened using dry ice to create individual Creamsicle-like sticks. The bottom line: Have fun with your menu, and don’t be afraid to blur the lines between eating and entertainment. “Preparing food right in front of guests makes them feel like they’re at a restaurant,” Annis says. No reservations—only RSVPs—required.