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Writers' blocks

A little bit Silicon Valley, a little bit Walden Pond: New artists' residences are designed to inspire acts of creative genius. Read More »


True & faux

How a woman became San Francisco's most fascinating—and artistically sophisticated—drag queen. Read More »


Snap judgments: Daniel Duane - How to Cook Like a Man: A Memoir of Cookbook Obsession

Duane makes an appearance at Omnivore Books May 15 at 6 p.m., 3885A Cesar Chavez St., S.F., 415-282-4712, Read More »


Snap judgments: Nick Waterhouse - Time's All Gone

These days, it's nigh impossible to swing a dead cat in San Francisco without hitting a '60s-style garage-rock band. All you need is a couple of guitar amps that go to 11 and a drummer who bashes skins like Animal from the Muppets. What former San Franciscan (he moved to L.A. after making this... Read More »


Five ways to become a temporary Hawaiian.

Escape from the mainland with one of these inspiring getaways. Read More »


The Top Five acts not named Metallica, Stevie Wonder, Neil Young, Jack White and Foo Fighters at Outside Lands

Outside Lands announced their lineup this morning, and while the headliners land more on the Bridge School Benefit side of the age spectrum, there’s still a plethora of great, not-quite-as-ripe bands who will be playing throughout the festival. Here are the top five under-the-radar bands... Read More »

Weekend Escapes

No gear? No excuses.

Why buy—or even rent—a tent when you can get one for free? Read More »

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