Best of the Bay Area 2012

Living in the innovation capital of the United States is a double-edged sword: On the one hand, there’s so much cool new stuff; on the other, there’s too much cool new stuff! What you see before you is our attempt to compartmentalize this blessing-curse—an exhaustively compiled... Read More »

Look on the Bright Side

The Smith Hanes-designed main dining room evokes Southern, coastal minimalism.

Look on the Bright Side

by Austin Holt | Jezebel magazine | July 6, 2012

Atlanta knows its Southern fare. We have barbecue nailed, the meat-and-three mastered and the biscuit conquered. And the 1,001 types of grits scattered on menus across the city? Forget about it.

But there is one strand of Southern comfort food the city has been taking its time getting a handle on. It’s nobody’s fault—just a matter of proximity, really—but the ratio of fresh grouper and raw oysters per capita in this town leaves something to be desired for the truest of seafood junkies.

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