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5 Sensational Sips

By Kristen Schott | Photo courtesy of Il Dolce


Parched? A spate of new concepts and sips on the table at O.C.’s hippest drink dens will quench your thirst.
Il Dolce’s Hibiki Japanese Harmony Orange County
Il Dolce’s Hibiki Japanese Harmony
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1. Dry Society
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At this Union Market newbie, Liquid Chef Andrew Parish (who’s worked with Will Ferrell and Chelsea Handler) savors the fall with his Pineapple Express ($13). It boasts a tropical fruit reduction filled with cloves and star anise. 

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2. Holiday
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That’s what awaits you at this recently opened lounge. You’ll be taken back to the time of the speak-easies as you quaff The Tub ($16), with Distillery No. 209 Gin. It’s just one 1920s- and ’30s-inspred creation from Cocktail Curator Aaron Reid. (Don’t miss the VIP Red Room’s high-end spirits, either; they’re unique to the hidden space.) 

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3. Il Dolce
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Long known as the place for Naples-style pizza, it now has a full bar run by Andre Bignes (he’s the son of owners Roberto and Fernanda) and is stocked with global finds—the Hibiki Japanese Harmony ($17) is a blend of malt and grain whiskeys from Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita. 

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4. Orange Hill
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This dining destination is at its peak with its redesigned O Bar, where Allan Camarena slings libations like the Blood Orange Paloma ($13).

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5. Watertable
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Here, Assistant GM Roxana Pavel quietly concocts stellar pours for locals and travelers. This month’s East of Eden ($13) has farm apple-infused Gentleman Jack and black-walnut bitters.