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Best of the Best in Orange County

Il Dolce’s Hibiki Japanese Harmony Orange County
Parched? A spate of new concepts and sips on the table at O.C.’s hippest drink dens will quench your thirst.
Le Corsaire Segerstrom Hall Nov. 19
Whether you favor the ballet, reveling in the holiday spirit or the action of hockey, there’s something to feed your fancy in the days ahead.
Sapphire Laguna 5 Philanthropic Palates Orange County OC
Sure, the food fills your belly, but these restaurants feed your soul too. They’re serving up sweet charity in the community, and we can’t get enough.
What with the presidential election upon us and all that goes with it, there’s plenty to keep us occupied. Here, a few fun distractions.
AJA Malibu, spa, getaway
Escape to these posh destinations for a little R&R.