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Palm Beach Features

Though they might not possess actual superpowers, that doesn’t stop Palm Beach’s Gio and Jack from saving the planet.
Joe Namath
Famous local athletes share their summer plans, passion projects and life lessons that make them true champions on and off the field.
Café Boulud
How does a girl from the French isles find herself 5,000 miles away on the island of Palm Beach? Well, talent has no boundaries: Meet Julie Franceschini, the wunderkind behind some of South Florida’s most eloquent desserts. Café Boulud’s exquisite executive pastry chef is the reason you’ll finish your three-course meal.
Joey Wölffer
Joey Wölffer’s new Palm Beach store is a unique shopping adventure for the luxe traveler in all of us.
Our style director heads to the Left Bank for every fashionista’s dream “work trip.”