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Chef Troy Knapp on His Current Obsessions

By Kristen Schott

Troy Knapp photo courtesy of Park Hyatt Washington DC | Del Mar photo by Greg Powers


The Blue Duck Tavern’s Troy Knapp now calls his boat home, and he’s savoring his time at the shore.

Troy Knapp believes in truly experiencing everything he does—whether he’s cooking for diners at Park Hyatt Washington DC’s luxe Blue Duck Tavern, where he serves as executive chef; or he’s enjoying the waterside scene from his boat, which he now calls home. Yes, the father of two and former pro jet skier recently put down proverbial roots on his 37-foot Sea Ray, dubbed 86’d (the term for when a kitchen is out of an item) and docked at The Wharf. “When I’m at home, I want to feel like I’m able to disconnect,” says the talent, who enjoys sunset wine cruises, among other splashy activities. “Boat life is about relaxation, spending time with my kids and friends in meaningful ways.” Here, he sets sail. 1201 24th St. NW, 202.419.6755 

Del Mar

Del Mar

Del Mar’s bar is a nice place to order some tapas and a glass of wine. I particularly enjoy the salt-crusted branzino.” 791 Wharf St. SW, 202.525.1402

“Unleaded crystal stemware is my preference. Chef & Sommelier’s is durable and elegant. The boat has a built-in wine chiller—just add ice!” Domaine stemware, set of six from $35,

“An immersion blender is a lifesaver. It does all the wonders of a blender with a fraction of the required storage.” Five-speed hand blender, $200, 

La Tienda

Paella at La Tienda

“Paella is a dish fit for a party! I make different versions each time based on the ingredients. It’s a movable feast. … A paella pan, a propane burner and dock are key for cooking.” Paella pan, $45-$100, La Tienda

“I’ve traded jet skis for the tranquility of paddleboarding and have found some great spots… in the District.” Stand-up paddleboard rentals, from $22 per hour,

“I’ve been a member of the Capital Yacht Club since October. Live-aboard slips in DC are limited.” Active membership initiation fee, $10,500, 800 Wharf St. SW