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Snapshotworthy city moments, captured!


Ocean Beach

Ahhh… wintertime in San Diego. Blogger and former event planner Brie’Ana Breeze has been taking iconic photos of the places she’s visited for the two years she’s been channeling her inner Kerouac: Mount Shasta, NYC, DC, Portland and Orlando. She even somehow made Sacramento look scenic, which might explain why her website is being shared and pinned by those longing to hit the road and get wild (think Cheryl Strayed and the Steppenwolf song, not anything illicit).

“I’m not tied down to everything. Right now it’s the time in my life to explore,” says the ukulele-playing Seattle native, who snapped this photo with her Canon EOS T3i while lounging around in the back of her van. “I was just catching the moment and being grateful for what I had within that moment.”

Breeze says she realizes that the photo encapsulates so much of what makes S.D. so great, but that for her it’s more a call to others to get out and hit the road. She says she now gets emails on the reg from people asking her how she does it.

“They ask me how they can just give it all up and how they can do it. The only advice I can give them is that they can. Close the doors you no longer want opened and so many more will open for you. If I can do it, anyone can.”