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A Match Made in Wallpaper Heaven
Erin Feher | February 16, 2018


When designer Emilie Munroe was approached by a 29-year-old single guy living with two roommates, she never thought he would turn out to be “the one.” But after a few meetings,...

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Grannies Gone Wild
Candace Jackson | February 15, 2018


Could the solution to the Bay Area’s housing crisis be right in our own backyards? That’s where Jake Decker, an Oakland labor union representative, recently built a 392-square-foot one-bedroom...

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Cottage People
Candace Jackson | February 15, 2018


Lisa, Dennis, and Peggy Jones
Location: El Cerrito
Designer/builder: New Avenue Homes
Cost: $240,000
Dennis and Lisa Jones live in a 2,100-square-foot 1940s-era stucco home set on a deep,...

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New Kids on the Lawn
Candace Jackson | February 15, 2018


The Startup That Wants to Prefab Your Guesthouse
Los Angeles–based firm Cover makes customizable, factory-built backyard studios, pool houses, and in-laws. Starting with small accessory homes...

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Another Thing Canada Does Better
Candace Jackson | February 15, 2018


An affordable housing shortage. Skyrocketing prices. Wealthy foreign investors. Sound familiar? Vancouver once found itself in a similar predicament to the Bay Area’s current one. But there, a...

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The Granny Whisperers
Candace Jackson | February 15, 2018


Baran Studio Architecture
Matt Baran is one of many Bay Area architects fielding more requests for ADUs lately, with six in various stages of development today...

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The Mayor’s Race: A Drinking Game
San Francisco magazine | February 14, 2018


Amid all the indignation and umbrage you’ll hear between now and June, you’ll need a stiff drink. Bottoms up every time you hear…


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Inside San Francisco's Very Personal, Very Competitive, and Very Fascinating Race for Mayor
Joe Eskenazi | February 14, 2018


A few days after being stripped of the most powerful public office in...

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Three Restaurants to Try Soon
Luke Tsai | February 14, 2018


ETA: March
Chikara Ono, who owns Delage and AS B-Dama, takes over the former Yume sushi restaurant space—a hidden-away, upstairs spot on the main drag in...

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The Black Panther Is from Oakland
Ian A. Stewart | February 13, 2018


OK, so we admit that T’Challa, the African prince turned superhero at the heart of Marvel’s latest comic book blockbuster, Black Panther (opening Feb. 16), technically...

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Land of Rice and Lentils
Ahalya Srikant | February 12, 2018

If you exit off Highway 280 at Wolfe Road in Sunnyvale, you’ll be confronted with gleaming tech campuses, the incessant din of ongoing apartment construction, and a higher-than-usual concentration of...

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