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by Josh Sens | San Francisco Magazine magazine | November 21, 2011

In assessing Oakland’s rise as a serious food city, it’s hard to overstate the impact of Commis, as the city’s first and only Michelin-starred restaurant and, more important, a departure from convention. James Syhabout freed high-end dining in the East Bay from the strictures of the same old rustic Cal cuisine. Like all self-respecting menus, his fivecourse prix fixe is seasonally driven—but between the farm and the table, the kitchen performs an intervention. One constant is a signature amuse, a slowcooked egg that cracks its sunny smile through a cloud of onion cream. Dates add sweetness; steel-cut oats contribute an earthy crunch. But almost every week brings fresh inventions. Cured mackerel with shaved daikon in a tuna-confit broth is the kind of combination few cooks would consider. Syhabout makes it sing, as he does a lamb saddle, the meat swaddled in lamb belly, then set, along with chanterelles and sunchokes, on a smear of a pistachio-thickened sauce. Horseradish-like horse grass gives the green purée its kick. The dining room is quiet, monochrome and monastic, offering little to distract from the pleasures of a meal whose price ($68, plus $42 for a flight of well-matched pours) is a pittance in a market that can command that much for a pizza and a few glasses of wine. Melonand- raspberry chiffon, with cooling white-corn ice cream, puts a fitting close on an artful evening. Any restaurant can fill you up. Only a rare few leave you this fulfilled. $$$$ DRW ★★★★


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R = Reservation required/recommended
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