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In Pod We Trust?
Theresa Gonzalez | May 3, 2019


Finding your inner Zen takes a futuristic turn inside Somadome’s egg-shaped meditation dome. The concept automates wellness trends that an acupuncturist or a masseuse might use (microcrystalline tiles, color and...

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Post Script
Suzanne Ennis | May 2, 2019


Midway into creating his @Large: Ai Weiwei on Alcatraz exhibition, Ai shared a personal story with his collaborator and friend Cheryl Haines. The artist and dissident grew up in the hinterlands of China, where his father,...

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Artist of the People
Jessica Zack | May 1, 2019


Ever since the French graffiti tagger-turned-globe-trotting street artist JR started pasting black-and-white photographs on the rooftops and Metro tunnels of Paris as a teenager, he felt “that if I could just...

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E-asy Rider
Theresa Gonzalez | April 30, 2019


Electric motorcycle brands have come and gone in the decades-plus since the first mass-market e-moto, designed by NASA engineer Neal Saiki for Santa Cruz-based Zero Motorcycles, rolled into town. But 2019 may be the e-moto...

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The Road to Pho
Luke Tsai | April 29, 2019


Sometimes a strip mall tells a story. In the case of Vietnam Town, an enormous shopping plaza in East San Jose that consists almost entirely of Vietnamese restaurants and other Vietnamese-owned businesses—cosmetics shops...

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Mind Shift
Don Lattin | April 26, 2019


Northern California has long been a mecca for psychonauts seeking higher consciousness via the wonders of modern chemistry, but there hasn’t been this much excitement around here since the heady days of the Summer of Love....

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Bodies Beautiful
Carolyne Zinko | April 26, 2019


San Francisco adults love nothing more than to dress up in costumes— witness the popularity of Burning Man, the Edwardian Ball and Halloween— and to undress as well, at Folsom Street Fair, Dore Alley...

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Short Orders: More New Spots to Try
Luke Tsai & Josh Sens | April 25, 2019


La Calenda
Yountville When news broke The French Laundry’s food god, Thomas Keller, was opening an Oaxacan-leaning Mexican restaurant, the pivot struck...

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Santa Barbara's Spring Awakening
Jeanne Cooper | April 19, 2019


The winter of 2018 took its toll on the luxury resorts of greater Santa Barbara as well as on its residents. One of California’s most damaging fires and mudslides ever forced...

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Breaking Boundaries
San Francisco editors | April 19, 2019


The high-tech industry was born in a Palo Alto garage in 1939. North Beach spawned the anti-materialist beatniks in the ’50s. The first act of transgender resistance occurred in the Compton’s...

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Three for the Road
Leilani Marie Labong | April 18, 2019


Martin Mattox Recently, a window-shopper on Auburn’s main drag peered into Tim and Linda Arbogast’s new store and said to her friend, “It’s...

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Art of Engagement
Suzanne Ennis | April 18, 2019


You essentially swapped jobs with your predecessor. How does your vision for the Museums differ? Max Hollein accomplished a lot in his brief time here. He really reinvigorated the exhibition program [and] increased...

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