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A Mill Valley Couple Rebuilds Their Dream Home from Scratch
Erin Feher | October 18, 2017


“You never want to be the one to say it, but someone has to,” says architect Michael Rex, on telling a client that their newly...

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Three Standouts from the New Book 'Private Gardens of the Bay Area'
Erin Feher | October 18, 2017


Flip through the new coffee-table book Private Gardens of the Bay Area (out this month from the...

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What Did the Bay Area's Elected Officials Do in Sacramento This Year?
Ali DeFazio | October 17, 2017


The deadline for Governor Jerry Brown to sign bills into law was October 15th. So what have your elected officials been up to this...

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A Surfer's Love Letter to the Inexhaustibly Wild Ocean Beach
Daniel Duane | October 17, 2017



Don't be scared, don’t be scared, don’t be scared. That’s what I said to myself...

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Stories From the Fire: An Anthology of the Very Best Writing About the the California Wildfires So Far
Scott Lucas | October 16, 2017


The continuing fires in the North Bay have led to an outpouring of journalism....

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A Former San Franciscan on the Chilling Message of the Mexico City Earthquake
Emily Green | October 16, 2017


I never gave much thought to the structure of the buildings in my newly adopted home of Mexico City....

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Napa and Sonoma Seriously Need Your Help—Here's How to Provide It
San Francisco magazine | October 13, 2017


Here are some of the many ways you can help victims of the fires in Wine Country right now. We'll be updating this list...

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Klimt and Rodin at the Legion Will Make You Blush
Ian A. Stewart | October 13, 2017


The Legion of Honor’s yearlong celebration of the 100th anniversary of Auguste Rodin’s death has been showing...

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'In the Eye of the Storm': One Survivor's Experience of the Wine Country Fires
Ian Devereux White | October 12, 2017


We woke to heavy air, a black-and-orange sky, and no electricity or cell signal...

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Hold Your Breath: The Bay Area's Air Quality Is Worse Than Beijing, Athens, or Mexico City
Scott Lucas | October 12, 2017


People are commuting to work wearing protective masks, and the air across the Bay Area has an...

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Cold Veal With Tuna Sauce Is the Hot Weather Craving You Didn't Know You Had
Luke Tsai | October 12, 2017


October in the Bay Area means sweltering evenings when you can’t bear the thought of firing up the stove, so you...

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Fighting Sexual Harassment With Guerilla Art
Kelsey Lannin | October 12, 2017


At Google’s San Francisco campus around 11 a.m. on Sunday, people who passed by were confronted with a startling sight: Butts.

In varying skin tones and shapes, five wax...

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