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The incurable new Bay Area bachelor
By Natasha Sarkisian, Photograph by Dustin Fenstermacher/Wonderful Machine | July 21, 2009

THIS IS THE STORY OF PETER KUPERMAN, a handsome, slightly crazy, oddly endearing 37-year-old who wants nothing more than to marry a girl who...

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The Best of the Bay Area 2009: Readers' Poll
| June 18, 2009

Best pamper spot
1. Nob Hill Spa: 1075 California St., 415-474-5400, S.F.,
2. Kabuki Springs & Spa: ...

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The Best of the Bay Area: Making the Best of '09
Edited by Nan Wiener | June 18, 2009

Ready or not, the rules for living the good life in the Bay Area have gotten simpler. Be ingenious. Go for value over glitz. Learn to share. In other words, turn lemons into...

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Newspapers are dead. Long live journalism!
By Nina Martin, Photograph by David Berson | May 18, 2009

ALBANY, CA—In case you haven’t heard, these are desperate times in the news business. But if you live in Albany, the past 18 months have been a golden...

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Destination: design
By Elizabeth Varnell, Photograph by James Merrell (courtesy of the SLS Hotel) | April 21, 2009

Old trip: An extravaganza of interiors
New trick: A new Starck-ly designed hotel (and some restaurants)

In Los Angeles, even the city’s...

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Shore leave
By Bruce Kelley, Photograph by Bill Stevenson/Alamy | April 21, 2009

Old trip: The summer playground of the teeming west shore
New trick: Sneak around the corner to Nevada and the lake's pristine emptier side

When you come upon Sand Harbor,...

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The art issue(s): Awesome capture!
By Dale Eastman, Photograph by Merkley | March 16, 2009

Flickr members warned Deborah Lattimore to be careful, that what she was heading for was the Internet equivalent of crack. With two grown sons she adores and an oral-history...

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Pigskin addiction
By Jan Newberry, Photograph by Geoffrey Moore | February 24, 2009

Ryan Farr got hooked on chicharrones when he moved to the Mission district. “I used to buy them at the bodegas. Add hot sauce and lime to the bag and shake them all together—so good,” he says. The experience...

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A post from the post–private school city
By Diana Kapp, Photographs by Jen Siska | December 15, 2008

On the night the SF K Files was born, it was no surprise that Amy Graff lay anxiously awake, staring wide-eyed at the bedroom ceiling of her Noe Valley condo. This was in...

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Eat your damn dessert
By Scott Hocker, Photograph by Laura Flippen | November 25, 2008

Two hours before the doors open on what promises to be another busy Friday night in September at Candybar, the first self-proclaimed dessert lounge in San Francisco, chef Boris Portnoy is...

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A classic reinvention
By Jan Newberry, Photograph by Sara Remington | November 19, 2008

Charles Phan doesn’t believe in children’s menus. At his café in San Francisco’s new Academy of Sciences, there’s no pandering to picky eaters: Kids and their keepers are expected to choose from a menu that...

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Hot lunch, indeed
By Carolyn Jung | November 19, 2008

Charlie Ayers knows how to make an exit. When the Grateful Dead’s former private chef left Google in 2005, after six years as the company’s first and most celebrated executive chef, he did so in grand style. On Google’s...

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