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What happened to black San Francisco?
Jaimal Yogis | January 18, 2008

It was a dice game among friends. No one thought it would end in gunshots, much less murder. But few were really surprised, either. This was Bayview–Hunters Point, a neighborhood where just about every...

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The man who loves books too much
Allison Hoover Bartlett | January 18, 2008

On February 7, 2003, opening day of the San Francisco antiquarian book fair, Ken Sanders warily paced his booth. He was surrounded by some of his treasures, including The Strategy of...

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What does it take to get a date in this town?
Jaimal Yogis | January 18, 2008

It’s an average afternoon at the Z. Cioccolato candy shop in North Beach. The young employees are bored stiff from hours of arranging taffy and playing with toy cows that defecate...

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125 Best Things to Eat
Scott Hocker and Jan Newberry | January 18, 2008

1 Barbecued Ribs Everett and Jones
There are some damn good ribs being served up at Berkeley's classic barbecue joint. The meat is tender and infused with smoke, and the searing hot sauce won't let...

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Schools gone wild
Diana Kapp | December 28, 2007

Every year, without fail, Bodie Brizendine’s phone used to ring half a dozen times with queries from private-school headhunters. Clearly, word had gotten out about the Marin Academy head who was cool enough to jam with the Doobie Brothers at...

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Why can't anyone say no to Dede Wilsey?
Julian Guthrie | December 28, 2007

On a late January day at the Legion of Honor, the afternoon sun fell like a spotlight on Dede Wilsey. Her disciples were before her. Her son Trevor Traina was seated nearby. The...

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Home Dream Home
Edited by: Nina Martin; Interviews by: Joanne Furio, Stephanie Simons, Elizabeth Varnell, | December 28, 2007


The best of right now
“I go to Limn to get an overview of what’s happening in furniture and design. The expansive...

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The Best of the Bay Area
Sarah Mueller Bossenbroek and Natasha Sarkisian | December 28, 2007

Comfort foods you can get only once a week
It’s a far cry from the school cafeteria food calendar (Monday: corn dogs; Friday: fish sticks and tater tots) that we grew up with,...

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A sweeter Napa
Jaimal Yogis | December 28, 2007

Tell someone you’re spending a weekend in Murphys, a gold mining town about 150 miles east of the city, off Highway 4, and you’re likely to get a quizzical stare. But you better get there before the stares turn into knowing looks. Tucked...

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Group dynamic
Elizabeth Varnell | December 28, 2007

Matt Dick
Design director, Tsurukichi clothing boutique
Messy-haired and laid-back, with hands perpetually tinted blue from the indigo fabric he loves, Matt Dick is a creative visionary, constantly...

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Making a statement
Elizabeth Varnell | December 28, 2007

French jewelry has been big and daring since maharajas and maharanis brought their precious stones to be set by renowned jewelers such as Frederic Boucheron, whose storefront is still on Paris’s Place Vendôme. His designs commanded...

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The San Francisco Interview: Delroy Lindo
By Pamela Feinsilber | December 28, 2007

When you think about it, all the Hollywood actors living in the Bay Area have Academy Awards-- worthy talents. Sean Penn and Robin Williams have already won Oscars, and if Robin Wright Penn...

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