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The Secret Life of the Avenues
Bernice Yeung | February 4, 2008

It's easy to miss the Hong Kong Art Salon, located on a commercial strip of Taraval Street in the city's outer reaches. The squat building shares the block with a Chinese bakery and a martial arts studio, and every 15...

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Who Put the Chron on Steroids?
Steve Kettmann | February 4, 2008

Five years ago in Berlin, as I was covering the trial of former East German sports boss Manfred Ewald, the party-hack Dr. Frankenstein who made steroids a permanent part of world sports, my thoughts turned to the steroid-...

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The $3 Billion Cell Job
Diana Kapp | February 4, 2008

I. The Entrepreneurs' Way
A blistering July afternoon in Sun Valley, Idaho. All around, rich businessmen and vacationers hurried from one patch of shade to the next; even the ducks looked uncomfortable. But stem...

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How NOT to Raise a Social Pariah
Susan Kostal | February 4, 2008

Looking at my friend Helen Carter*, a gregarious, svelte physician with a comfortable home in the city's desirable 94118 ZIP code, I find it hard to believe her claim that she was ever "a fat kid with glasses"...

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Baby Panic!
Nelson Mui | February 4, 2008

Last fall, I went to the annual fund-raiser Strike Out Breast Cancer at the Presidio Bowl. Apart from the promise of some down-home fun (bowling in western attire, a whirl on a mechanical bull) and free Zuni burgers, the event is known to attract gay...

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My Homeless Friend
Kevin Berger | February 4, 2008

He seemed like just another homeless guy, the kind you walk by every day in San Francisco, or try to walk by, before he irritates the hell out of you by asking for spare change. "Pardon me," he said. "I don't want any money. I...

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The best investment advice you'll never get
Mark Dowie | January 18, 2008

As Google’s historic August 2004 IPO approached, the company’s senior vice president, Jonathan Rosenberg, realized he was about to spawn hundreds of impetuous young...

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The Robin Hood of the East Bay
Gordy Slack | January 18, 2008

If ever a wedding was for the mother of the bride, it was this one. In 1998, Carol Ann Huang spent a fortune to make it perfect. Her second daughter, Christine, was marrying well. Her mother’s dream...

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What happened to black San Francisco?
Jaimal Yogis | January 18, 2008

It was a dice game among friends. No one thought it would end in gunshots, much less murder. But few were really surprised, either. This was Bayview–Hunters Point, a neighborhood where just about every...

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The man who loves books too much
Allison Hoover Bartlett | January 18, 2008

On February 7, 2003, opening day of the San Francisco antiquarian book fair, Ken Sanders warily paced his booth. He was surrounded by some of his treasures, including The Strategy of...

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What does it take to get a date in this town?
Jaimal Yogis | January 18, 2008

It’s an average afternoon at the Z. Cioccolato candy shop in North Beach. The young employees are bored stiff from hours of arranging taffy and playing with toy cows that defecate...

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125 Best Things to Eat
Scott Hocker and Jan Newberry | January 18, 2008

1 Barbecued Ribs Everett and Jones
There are some damn good ribs being served up at Berkeley's classic barbecue joint. The meat is tender and infused with smoke, and the searing hot sauce won't let...

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