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Wondering Where To Go
Michael J. Cooper | January 25, 2019

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The 9 mm Glock in my backpack isn’t quite as reassuring as a hotel...

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The Mother Lode
Leslie Casimir | January 25, 2019


Her water had broken more than 24 hours earlier, but Simone Taylor, a 39-year-old with gestational diabetes, was still in labor. Her plans had been clear from the start: She wanted a natural water birth at her Oakland...

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The Metrics of Desire
Leilani Marie Labong | January 22, 2019


Like all great business ventures, it started with a simple need. This one being a winter coat. Bay Area-native Abigail Holtz, founder of the Dogpatch-based fashion startup the Lobby, is lamenting one...

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A Night on the Town
Kelli Stanley | January 22, 2019

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Miranda bent her head, wool scarf itchy against her neck, as neon from the House of Pisco and Covered...

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San Francisco By Night
Scott Lucas | January 22, 2019


Once Sam Spade embarked on his quest for the Maltese Falcon, San Francisco became a hard-boiled, noir fiction setting. Maybe it’s the interplay of darkness and light in our foggy hills. Maybe it’s our cast of...

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Local Players
Andrew Gilbert | January 21, 2019


Flux is the only constant in life, and, in San Francisco, for better or worse, change sweeps aside familiar settings with merciless efficiency. There are few better antidotes for vertiginous disruption than a pulse-...

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The Happiest Season of All
Luke Tsai | January 20, 2019


There are a few certainties in this life—beyond, yes, death and taxes—but for Bay Area seafood lovers, there’s also each winter’s effort to eat as many fresh Dungeness crabs...

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Diversity in Dungeness
Luke Tsai | January 20, 2019


China Village
This East Bay Sichuan institution is the creator of one of the all-time-great crab dishes: a plate of spicy, tongue-tingling ma po tofu served not with the usual ground pork, but, instead, a...

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The Bay Area's Top Doctors of 2019
San Francisco editors | January 17, 2019


No matter how much research you do, determining which doctor to make an appointment with can feel like a Herculean task—too big for any one magazine to take on....

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Trivial Pursuits
Iso Rabins | January 16, 2019

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It started with an easy one: Who wears the...

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Worth the Trip
Michael M. Clements | January 9, 2019


Perhaps no other person has done more for sailing in recent history than billionaire tech founder Larry Ellison. After 2013’s dramatic events at America’s Cup here in the Bay, the erstwhile CEO took his...

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