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Chef Gaggan Anand Is Bringing His Famed Emoji Menu to S.F. Tonight
Bianca Bermudez | September 13, 2018


Sure, you’ve Instagrammed or tweeted about that great ice cream you tried, throwing in a handful of emoji. But what if you could...

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The Pinot Noir Die-Hard’s Tour of Napa Valley
Ian White | September 12, 2018


When most people think of Napa Valley wines, they think of bold, tannic cabernet sauvignon and well-oaked chardonnay. And rightly so—these are the varietals that put Napa...

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Grand Opening Alert: These Restaurants Are Coming Soon
Luke Tsai | September 10, 2018


Udon Time
ETA: Fall 2018
The newest addition to the Omakase Restaurant Group’s design district mini-...

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Inside a Record Store Owner–Turned–Artist’s Mission Oasis
Erin Feher | September 5, 2018


“You know how it is when you get to your 30s: You either get baby lust or house lust or both,” artist Windy Chien says....

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How the Indie Radio Station Is Helping S.F. Hang Onto Its Soul
Erin Feher | September 4, 2018

Two witches have locked themselves in a small room, a few bare light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Through a pane of glass in one wall...

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Fall Arts Preview: 100 Binge-Worthy Shows, Books, Films, Concerts, Plays, and Cultural Happenings
Ian A. Stewart | August 30, 2018

That’s our attempt...

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Summit of the Damned
Andrew Leonard | August 28, 2018


Governor Jerry Brown is throwing a climate change party, and everybody who’s anybody in the world of aspirational decarbonization is invited. Among the 4,500 expected delegates and VIPs dropping in on...

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This Puerto Rican Egg-and-Rice Breakfast Is Truly Addictive
Luke Tsai | August 27, 2018


It’s no secret that the most satisfying breakfasts are often the simplest—frying a couple of eggs, for instance, and then using the runny yolks as...

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Four New Restaurants to Try Right Now
Luke Tsai and Josh Sens | August 23, 2018

Stonemill Matcha
For the novice whose matcha literacy is limited to the occasional green tea ice cream, this Mission district teahouse, located in the...

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How Napa’s Battle Over Blocking New Vineyards Almost Split the Valley in Two
James Conaway | August 22, 2018


It’s high summer in Napa Valley, and those of us who forgot to bring a hat regret it. We’...

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The Couple That Launched a Thousand Artists
Lindsey J. Smith | August 21, 2018

For some two decades starting in the late 1960s, artists, wannabe artists, and all manner of free spirits descended on a ranch called Big Creek outside Davenport, the speck of a...

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Brandon Jew’s New Lounge Revives a Chinatown Relic: The Big Banquet Hall
Luke Tsai | August 20, 2018


Long before the three-story building at 731 Grant Avenue was transformed into...

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