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When Stephen De Staebler studied sculpture at UC Berkeley in the late 1950s, no material was more scorned than ordinary clay. Museums... More»


Since moving to San Francisco, I’d followed the DIY movement wistfully, nose pressed to the glass. I baked bread. I grew tomatoes. But... More»


The new film is even more Fincheresque than his previous thrillers like The Game and Zodiac—in other words, it’s not for the faint-hearted (see... More»


“Hardly anybody takes that long,” she says, “but I live right down the block. When people fly in to do it—from as far away as... More»


Gone are the days when getting fit meant a humdrum relationship between you, your treadmill, and your headphones. Thanks to a new wave of exercise trends... More»


Based on a Brothers Grimm tale about a young girl who’s sold to the devil by her unwitting father (he’s soused), the story is, well, quite grim... More»


Late-night drinking is an old tradition in North Beach, a neighborhood made famous by sailors celebrating their return to dry land, and now a group of bar... More»


With the Dec. 31 deadline for pulling out of Iraq approaching, and the Afghanistan conflict winding down, more than two million combat... More»


Several Bay Area private schools pretty much announced to the world, “Aren’t we cool?” with a recent technology decision. ... More»


Is it a coincidence that so many professional chefs around here—at the top of the heap is James Syhabout of both elegant Commis and down-home Hawker... More»