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Many years ago, someone industrious realized that the fastest way to a city dweller’s heart is a lively party with a free-flowing bar. The last place... More»


Even without the existence of Twitter, the Yahoo! party would have been a madhouse. But with 10,000 conferencegoers texting each other about where to chill... More»


ON March 4, 2008, aka Gay Marriage Day at the California Supreme Court, the press conferences in city hall started at 7:30... More»


Ordinarily, you wouldn’t give K&D Market a second look. A nondescript convenience store in the Mission, K&D (above) is best known as... More»


You follow a lot of rules if you’re one of Mary Clarke’s kids. You leave your shoes outside, you complete your work on time, and—no matter... More»


Anne Fougeron Vital stats: 47, Noe Valley Hot because: She's one of the nation's top modern architects.... More»


Olivia* couldn't care less about fly-fishing. She's never frozen her butt off trolling for trout in thigh-deep water, and she has no particular interest in... More»


It's a warm spring night, and Kim Addonizio is telling me about having sex with men in smoky bars with scary clown paintings on the walls. We're sitting in... More»


It's easy to miss the Hong Kong Art Salon, located on a commercial strip of Taraval Street in the city's outer reaches. The squat building shares the block... More»


Looking at my friend Helen Carter*, a gregarious, svelte physician with a comfortable home in the city's desirable 94118 ZIP code, I find it hard to believe... More»


Last fall, I went to the annual fund-raiser Strike Out Breast Cancer at the Presidio Bowl. Apart from the promise of some down-home fun (bowling in western... More»


He seemed like just another homeless guy, the kind you walk by every day in San Francisco, or try to walk by, before he irritates the hell out of you by... More»