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The Lucas Museum

George Lucas can't write words that sound like a real human being would ever say them. This is a well known fact. (Remember when Anakin tried to put the... More»


Earlier this week I logged onto my Twitter account and was welcomed by an unusually long list of Tweets reading “thanks for the follow!” and... More»


It’s week two of Real World: San Francisco EXplosion. Who knows what awaits us in this nearly 41-minute extravaganza of sex, alcohol consumption, and... More»


Need to find a new place to spend those Bitcoins ever since Silk Road shut down? Good news—instead of purchasing black tar heroin and the services of... More»

The Ridiculously Resilient Ridge.

Since July 1st, San Francisco has received just 2.1 inches of rain. That's only 20 percent of the normal amount. And we're not the only ones living in a... More»

Doctor Popular's new album is Destroy All Presets.

Ted Gioia, Editorial Intern: Ever since last Wednesday’s Top Chef... More»