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Get thee to San Francisco's Golden Gate Theatre (One Taylor Street @ Market), where "Dr.... More»


Based on a Brothers Grimm tale about a young girl who’s sold to the devil by her unwitting father (he’s soused), the story is, well, quite grim... More»


You might think a children’s art museum an unlikely site for a confrontation between Israeli and Palestinian activists. But that’s... More»


Since its debut in 1967, the SECA Art Award, named for the Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art (founded six years earlier), has become a... More»


Ever since Brief Encounter blew A.C.T. audiences out of their seats in 2009, Bay Area drama lovers have impatiently awaited a return visit by... More»


Some unfortunate plot twists are tough to take, including the devoted slave girl who happily sacrifices herself so the hero can find love, but the opera is... More»


When Joseph strikes his doomed bargain with the devil in Igor Stravinsky’s wonderfully spare and jazzy The Soldier’s Tale, which opens this... More»


In 1991, famed photographer of the American West Richard Misrach ventured out into the wreckage of the Oakland and Berkeley hills after they had been... More»


You can count on the creator of chocolate–olive oil pizza and oatmeal ice milk to dish out unexpected entertainment as well. On Tuesdays and... More»


It may be a stretch to think of Toni Morrison as picking up where Shakespeare left off, but that’s more or less what she has done in Desdemona, her... More»


This fall’s Good Vibrations–sponsored Short Erotic Film Competition, at the Castro Theatre, signaled a new era for this feisty... More»


Back in the ’60s, Bay Area artists like Richard Diebenkorn and Wayne Thiebaud reacted to the abstract expressionism that was sweeping New York (think... More»