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This marks the 76th year for the beloved (and free!) Stern Grove Festival—and this year's concert series is just as jammed pack with local bands,... More»


OK, we’ll bite—what on earth does skateboarding have to do with jazz? Both are subcultures with their own lingo and... More»


Spoken word boy genius and rapper George Watsky is coming home to the legendary Fillmore tonight, his first time headlining the venue, on the heels of the... More»


The man-turned-symbol-turned-man-again is back at the DNA Lounge for four performances over two nights. And with over 80 million records sold the world over... More»


Sure, you’re stoked about Paul McCartney, Nine Inch Nails, Pretty Lights, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Phoenix…you get the idea. But here’s five... More»


Napa’s first mega-size music festival (May 9–12) has quite a lineup: Furthur,... More»


Key N Krates, Monday 4/15 at Brick and... More»


"Eager Beaver" tickets go on sale today, and while the lineup hasn’... More»


On Monday, March 25th and Tuesday the 26th, for the first time in their more than 30-year histories, the twin titans of San Francisco song are sharing the... More»


Sold Out: Django Django @ Public Works (3/22) Alternative: Cool Ghouls The local rockers may not have the... More»


Black Star Despite the fact that the album was originally released in 1998, Black Star has remained an incredibly influential hip-... More»


Giggle Party Wednesday, 2/13 Originally formed in Dallas, TX, but now calling the Bay Area home, the Giggle Party... More»