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  Last week, as dog walkers and joggers crisscrossed Crissy Field, the Dutch artist Theo Jansen chased a buffalo-size... More»


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  A woman with a handbag covering her head totters through the atrium of the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.... More»


  Fleeky Flanco is 35, yet seems simultaneously ancient and not fully formed. He wears his corkscrew curls (usually dyed more... More»


  “I want to project onto the moon and holographically raise the dead,” announces Travis Threlkel, an avant-garde artist with the... More»


  In 2008, artist Ben Venom taught himself to quilt by reading Quilting 101: A Beginner’s Guide, a spiral-bound primer filled... More»


  Neon art is not for the weak or faint of heart. You’ve got to fight physics to bend 1,000-degree-... More»


  Standing 6 foot 2 in flats, her long blond locks flowing past her shoulders and her eyes accented by smoky shadow, Breanna... More»


  Conceptual artist John Baldessari once likened attending an art fair to walking in on your parents having sex: While you understand that the... More»


  When winter is coming, you can bet tie-ins are coming even earlier. For Game of Thrones viewers... More»