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Episode four of Looking begins almost exactly as the previous one ended, with Patrick and his boss, Kevin (Russell Tovey) at the office, playing... More»

Louis B. Jones

Literary journals are the 50 year aged scotch of the publishing world. While the rest of us are slaves to deadlines and news cycles, they quietly wait... More»


The time has come again, my dear readers, for a Real World EXplosion recap~*!! It’s week five and the exes are finally in the house. Let... More»

Remnant, by Drew Daly

An oak chair sanded down incrementally until it appears to be dissolving into the air; an encyclopedia set dissected with a scalpel and tweezers to reveal... More»


Don’t let the complete lack of snow around here fool you: The Bay Area is, believe it or not, crawling with winter athletes, many of whom had, at... More»

Marcus Gardley

Award-winning playwright and Oakland native Marcus Gardley on his original play, The House That Will Not Stand, about free black women in 1836 New... More»


It's four weeks in and I can't believe I'm still doing this. Welcome to the Real World EXplosion Recap: Week Four. Let's begin. We get a... More»


Towards the end of the last episode of Looking, Dom (Murray Bartlett) gives Patrick (Jonathan Groff) a piece of advice: "Stop giving a fuck... More»


Double-crossing babes standing in front of backlit Venetian blinds. Men in fedoras impassively gunning down their victims. Bars, cigarettes, big cars,... More»


It’s that time again, everyone. Real World EXplosion: Episode Three. This episode is titled “The Departure,” implying that something or... More»

A performance from Sketchfest 2013.

The 13th annual SF Sketchfest is in town, with 223 gut- busting shows in 18 days by everyone from Jon Heder to Michael Ian Black. Unless you’ve solved... More»