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Nicole Erny Master Cicerone Cicerones didn't come onto the American... More»


Head: The head of a beer speaks directly to the quality of the beer it caps. A full, thick head—such as the bushy white of a... More»


Biergarten The only thing better than drinking good beer is... More»


What: Wine Bar at Dogpatch Wineworks is the retail front of the cavernous, custom-crush winery. Expect towering ceilings, huge windows,... More»


THE WINE Duckhorn Sauvignon Blanc 2011 ($28) California sauvignon blancs are a bit of a crapshoot: Some are crisp and steely,... More»


Yeah, yeah, in the world of YouTube, something two days old is old news by now. But a couple of people just simultaneously emailed me the link to this... More»


THE WINE  Bieler Père et Fils 2011 Rosé ($10) Just because it’s pink and cold doesn’t mean it’s well... More»


It’s not at all uncommon these days to open a wine list and say, “Wha?” Gone are the days when menus were dominated by words like Burgundy... More»


This spicy, smoky drink created by Mike Pierce uses a base of juice and spices that can be made well ahead of time and refrigerated for several weeks.... More»


Like a bit actor in a long-running show waiting to deliver her one line—a whisper to the gin in a martini, a quick shout at the whiskey in a Manhattan... More»


What to drink: The Bullfighter Where to drink it:... More»


Ryan Maxey looks for bottles that are both unusual and affordable. Here are some of our favorites from his list. 2008 Mengoba,... More»