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Dominique Crenn

On Friday, Atelier Crenn reopened after closing through the month of January to remodel its... More»


If Bay Areans—polyglot bunch of mutts that we are—were asked to claim one cuisine as our own, Mexican would be a top contender.... More»


We don't want to talk about Sunday's football game. We don't want to talk about the Google bus protests. We don't want to talk about the drought.... More»

The Special Dinosaurs

The expert: Adam Timney, executive chef and partner at Starbelly restaurant.... More»

Chefs Masa Sasaki, left, and Hide Sueyoshi.

To enter a great sushi restaurant here is to leave behind the realm of the locavore. A pizzeria can maintain its farm-to-table cred by hand-pulling... More»

Anthony Myint enjoying Henry's Hunan.

The expert: Anthony Myint, proprietor of Mission Chinese Food and the cofounder of... More»


Your bartender is already your psychiatrist, priest, and pharmacist rolled into one, but thanks to a new state law set to take effect, they could also begin... More»


When the conversation turns to Yotam Ottolenghi, it's usually about vegetables. That's because Ottolenghi became a household name with the success of... More»


What: This new bar from Dennis Leary (House of Shields, Terminus... More»


Saiwalks is the perfect antidote for all you Marinaites experiencing Asian food withdrawal (Chestnut... More»

Merigan Sub Sandwich Shop

Order: It sounds like a deli case tornado, but the Italian... More»