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Basic Training Hayes Valley: Opening Weekend

When: June 7, 2014 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Our Pop-Up Fitness Pod is a place to look out at the wonders of San Francisco while doing a workout you can look forward to. It's an invitation to join and celebrate the Hayes Valley community. It's a step toward making our city a little less work and a lot more play. And it's an opportunity to re-imagine our world and our well being. 



Who we are: We are Basic Training, a San Francisco-based outdoor fitness company, and we are installing an outdoor workout space for public use in Hayes Valley. The free, pop-up fitness pod will transform a previously unused parking lot within Hayes Valley's PROXY project into a bright, colorful, beautifully-designed multi-use space. 



Why: Everyone knows we spend too much time tied to our desks and computers, but breaking these habits can be tough. The Basic Training fitness hub is an innovative answer to the problems city dwellers face when there are few, if any, open-air fitness options outside their home or office. This "hub" will be a place where people can mix things up on their way to and from work by jumping, climbing, swinging, running, pushing, playing, or simply pondering the possibilities of free, unfettered, activity for all -- 24 hours a day. As California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom put it, 'This communal facility provides a blueprint for a healthy, livable, and vibrant community." 




Event + Project Sponsors: Fitbit, Aeher Apparel, Lululemon, Biergarten, JuiceShop, Athleta 



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