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There’s a reason that more people don’t have a glass observation deck attached to their home. It’s awe inspiring, it’s... More»

An arrangement by Jay Jeffers

Some equate high design with clean lines and stark decor. Not so for local interior designer Jay Jeffers, who releases his first coffee-... More»

Oxgut furniture

LauraLe Wunsch was raised in Clintonville, Wisconsin, a town whose main industry is building fire trucks. Her first San Francisco job was at Engine Company... More»


One need only survey San Francisco’s Jenga-like crop of impending high-rises to glean that space is a scarce commodity here. So when... More»


How do you double the size of a historic Victorian while preserving its facade? “Mole-hole it,” says designer Lauren Geremia,... More»

Jay Nelson's tree house.

On weekends, you can often spot Jay Nelson tooling around town ... More»


Every morning, Airbnb's 200 local employees face the enviable option of working from one of eight exotic locales. There's a Balinese single... More»


When overhauling early 20th-century homes in San Francisco, the first steps typically involve knocking down walls, punching out skylights, and otherwise... More»


“The key word here,” says architect David Yama, “is disco.” It’s an unusual admission from a designer best known for creating... More»


With its macaron-colored single-family homes and flats, the Inner Richmond isn’t known for daring feats of architecture. Nor is it synonymous with new... More»


Kathy Sloan, a retired builder, and Mike Moser, an artist, had been living in their secluded Mill Valley home for 14 years when Grandpa prompted them to... More»


The American Craft Council’s annual show is known less for cutting-edge... More»